A Message from the Whistler Health Care Foundation Board Chair

The Whistler Health Care Foundation continues to be focused on our over riding Vision and Mission of creating Whistler as a role model for Mountain Resort Health Care. To achieve this goal we are currently executing a clearly defined two pronged approach.

The Mission is broken down into local and regional strategies.

Locally we continue our highly successful mandate of providing support for the whistler community that otherwise would not be made available threw our universal health care system. This ensures that our health care providers at our exceptional health care centre have the tools to go above and beyond standard care to our residents and guests. Working closely with our health care authority this has allowed us to add services like the ct scan and increased orthopedics locally. This year alone we will have purchased and made commitments for over $200,000 of state of the art equipment for Whistler and corridor health facilities.

The second prong is to strengthen our regional relationships with Vancouver Coastal, Squamish and Pemberton Health Care Foundations to help increase services in the corridor. The combination of supporting local and regional health services allows us to move closer to our Vision.

The key focus area for the near future is Orthopedics.

In a community that prides itself on outdoor recreation we believe that our citizens and guest need and deserve the best available and accessible orthopedic care. Over the next year a major portion of our funding will be allocated to purchasing the equipment needed to provide the planned increase in service.

We are making tremendous progress towards our vision but it would be a miss if we didn't remind the community that it takes funding to make this happen. If our residents and guests want to have access to services that are not standard for a community of our size then we need to help fund them.

Please continue your tremendous support for health care in Whistler and the STS Corridor. You can start by attending the number one black tie event in the region - "Indulge Gala Evening & Auction" on November 17th, 2012 at The Westin. With your support and the dedication of our Board we will become the role model for Mountain Resort Health Care.

Thank you for your past and continued future support,

Bryan Cleaver
WHCF Chair